About iParrot

iParrot aims to complete the first quantitative assessment of the Imperial Amazon population in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria by designing and undertaking an extensive island-wide population survey of the species; the first in nearly 30 years. Furthermore, we aim to assist the recovery of the Imperial Amazon population by rolling out emergency in-situ conservation measures. These include supplementary feeding stations and the installation of nest boxes. We aim to use the results of the survey to enable a re-assessment of the species’ current IUCN status. and in conjunction with the other measures help develop and implement a Species Action Plan.

iParrot is a collaboration between Operation Wallacea (Opwall) and TerraFauna Wildlife Consulting, run in cooperation with the Dominica Forestry Department. Opwall is an established conservation research organization which runs projects in 15 countries worldwide. The goal of the organization is to conduct biodiversity research in threatened, poorly studied and biologically important areas of the world, and now possesses 23 years’ experience in this field. In 2014 Opwall began its project in Dominica, which aims to complete broad scale, long-term biodiversity surveys to determine the richness and distribution of biodiversity in the Islands rainforest ecosystems, and also assess the sensitivity of different taxa to habitat disturbance. As such the organization has already been established in Dominica for five years and has an excellent understanding of the Island’s biodiversity and habitats.

TerraFauna Wildlife Consulting, Inc has over 15 years of experience threatened avifauna developing management strategies for recovery programmes including in-situ and ex-situ breeding programmes. It is operated by Myles Lamont, a Registered Professional Biologist, Certified Wildlife Biologist, Registered Environmental Professional and a Certified Applied Science Technologist with experience working with threatened Psittacines.